"What is our world coming to?
And, what can we do to help the situation?"

The best thing each of us can do is look at our own

We believe that is where Lasting POSITIVE CHANGE 
can take hold, One Heart at a time.
Commit to be the best, positive YOU!  
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2.  SIGN THE KINDNESS PLEDGE - Commit to random acts of kindness in your community.  
One act of kindness = at least two hearts being touched, 
the receiver and YOU, the giver.  And anyone who witnesses it.

3.  Visit the ACT Gear page and order your Tshirts & awareness bracelets & ribbons. Download posters, cards and other images you can print for your home & share in your community & online.

5.  Spread the word!  Post Our Kindness Movement to your Social Media Pages and let others know about StartsWithMe.Us and invite them to Join The Movement.

5.  STAY POSITIVE!  Visit the Positive Power UP Page to uplift you & let your light shine in your community.

Welcome to the Movement!  We are so glad you're here!

Let's make 2017 The Year of 
The Kindness Epidemic
planting seeds of kindness everyday, 
everywhere, to everyone!
Get Involved - Spread the Word
Join The Movement!
Join The Movement!
It's Free to Join
Get Involved - Spread the Word
Kindness is Contagious... Let's Start an Epidemic!
Join The Kindness Movement!
Join The Kindness Movement!
Kindness is Contagious... Let's Start an Epidemic!
When you find positive media you think others will enjoy, email the link to startswithme.us@gmail.com we will review them for addition to our Positive Power UP Page.  This is OUR movement... the more positive input the better.